Awards & Recognition

Of all of our accomplishments, we take pride in greater performance, diversity, and innovation. We’re honored to be recognized for our success as we continue our journey.Awards and recognition are crucial for businesses that will keep us happy and motivated.

GUINNESS BOOK of World Records


On World Environment Day, Sharjah-based farmer Sudheesh Guruvayoor made history with a Guinness World Record title. He accomplished the feat of distributing the largest number of saplings ever distributed in the world, with 5000 curry leaf plant saplings. The saplings were distributed among the students of Sharjah Indian School on Tuesday morning. The official Guinness World Record attempt on Tuesday was also organized to coincide with the Year of Zayed observation in the country.

Guinness Record - Official Page

LIMCA Book of Records


In 2012, he entered the Limca Book of Records by growing the longest okra (41.91cm/16.5 inches) right in his backyard in Sharjah. He also has a Limca record for owning the ‘smallest okra plant (3.81cm) with pods three times longer than the plant’.

KERALA STATE AWARD – VAIGA 2018 (Value Addition for Income Generation in Agriculture)


In Dec 2018, Sudheesh Guruvayur was endowed with the prestigious Kerala State Award at the third VAIGA (Value Addition for Income Generation in Agriculture) exhibition and International workshop organized by the Agriculture Department, Thekkinkadu maidan on December 27.